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Social media writing

For this task today I had to write a piece of writing to persuade people on why it is good or bad to use social media. I choose to write on why it is good to use social media. I think it is good to use social media so that you can keep in touch with you friends or extended family in other words communication.


Last week on thursday for mana ako we went to Ōtara to visit a art gallery. The name of the art gallery is Fresh gallery in Ōtara.One of the things that i mostly enjoyed was doing the art that they had provided for the whole of Mana ako. For the art task we had to find things in a magazine that sort of relates to a dream that you have had.Interesting fact about the art gallery is that all the art hanging on the wall is mostly related to a dream that the artist has had. One of the dreams that i could remember is when i was walking on the beach and i could hear the calm soft sound of the ocean. My rating on this art gallery would have to be a 10/10 so if you have time go and check it out.